Strategies for Creatives to Increase Income 
and Extend Reach in the Digital Age

Every single creative I meet wants to increase income and extend reach. The problem is that most of them – musicians, vocalists, authors, speakers, artists, producers, filmmakers, photographers, podcasters, YouTubers, designers, developers, etc., have no real idea how to do it.

I can teach you how to make a real business out of what you’re doing. I can show you how to make more money with your creative content and extend your reach in a way that is built to thrive, not just survive.

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I’m a licensed attorney with almost 15 years of experience helping creators just like you. In fact, I’m a creator myself! I wrote and self-published an Amazon #1 bestselling book on productivity. I created and hosted an award-winning podcast on business strategy. I’ve written for some of the largest and most influential online publications in the world, including HuffPost, Good Men Project, and Addicted2Success. I’ve been a featured podcast and radio guest. I’ve been quoted on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. I’ve worked with some of the most influential social media marketers in the world! And I help creatives like you nearly every single day!

But forget what I’ve done. I want to show you what YOU can do!

In this limited seating, live instruction setting, I will teach you:

  • The fundamentals of entrepreneurial success (and why “Fertile SOIL Wins”)

  • The (hidden) mistakes that are killing your ability to make a sustainable income

  • The pro-level skills you can master right now to increase your reach and income

  • The action steps for generating cash and reaching more people as a creative, starting today

[Platinum-Level Only]
Same Day as Live Event

  • Mastermind Session

    We will select two Platinum-level participants to act as case studies during this Mini-Mastermind session. During the Mini-Mastermind Session, we will conduct a real-time analysis of branding, content, and other critical areas.

  • Extended Q&A Session

    Platinum-level participants will experience an exclusive session to ask questions, process information, and discuss real-world application of strategies and action steps learned throughout the day.

  • David Leo Schultz, Filmmaker, Color Green Films
    If you want to move closer to your creative business goals - then Brock’s your guy!
    David Leo Schultz, Filmmaker, Color Green Films
  • Chelsea Perry,
    Brock has a unique understanding of the creative entrepreneur. After a meeting with him, I walk away with clarity & inspiration to tackle next steps. His portfolio of diversity has led to a unique skill: to be able to unfold the complexities of the out-of-the-box thinker & simplify things into clear action! I highly recommend Brock!
    Chelsea Perry,
  • Kristen Estes, Recording Artist, Krystal Optiks
    After years of fumbling our way through the music industry, it wasn’t until getting insight from Brock that we connected the dots on how to market our music online and grow our band into a real business. His candid feedback and strategic insight helped us realize what we are capable of and our next steps.
    Kristen Estes, Recording Artist, Krystal Optiks

Frequently Asked Questions...

What Will I Learn?

I don’t live in Orange County, California.

Success requires an investment in yourself, and investments are rarely convenient. Make the trip, it will be worth it. In fact, bring your friends or family and make it a weekend – Disneyland, Newport Beach, and many other amazing attractions are minutes away from the venue.

I have a full-time job, and the ‘creative thing’ is just a side hustle.

Make it your main hustle, or at least make it profitable. If you’re dabbling and not learning the real skills to understand how to make money with your creative content, you have a hobby. At least be honest with yourself.

How long is the event?

The Live instruction portion is approximately 3 hours. Platinum-level participants will receive an addition 2-3 hours of bonus activities, including a mastermind session and extended Q&A

What’s the Schedule?

The live session starts at 9:30 a.m. There will be short breaks throughout the morning session, which will end around 12:30 p.m. Gold and Silver level participants are done by 12:30 p.m. Platinum-Level participants will return after lunch for the afternoon Mastermind Session and Extended FAQ, which begins at 1:30 p.m. The Event ends around 4:00 p.m.

What if I can’t make the specific date work?

Find a way to make it work. Stop putting your real passions on hold.

If you absolutely can’t make it work, reach out and tell us you’re interested in future events.

How do I know the topics will apply to me and what I do?

The event is designed for creatives of any variety. Industry-specifics are not necessary, but may be used. Brock Shinen has represented people and organizations across the “creative” spectrum, including singers, songwriters, labels, publishers, producers, authors, speakers, book publishers, artists, galleries, designers, developers, filmmakers, producers, YouTubers, and many others.

Is this a “done for you” type event?

No, this is a “let’s get our hands dirty together” type of event. You’ll learn specific, actionable steps to take, but you’ll need to actually take them. But guess what, in the process of learning and taking action, you will dramatically improve your chances for success. You can’t “lose 50 pounds while sleeping,” and you can’t buy a “done for you” bag of tricks to make more money or increase your reach with your creative content. There are specific tools you will need to not only acquire, but actually use. We believe in teaching you how to do this, so that you can actually do it and thrive!

Sounds like a lot of money for a one day seminar.

The entire seminar costs less than one hour of my professional time, so this is a steal.

So any “sizzle” or is this all “steak”?

You’re going to leave the event ready to conquer the world. You will certainly get the “steak,” but the “sizzle” is the fun part. Yes, you’ll have fun too.

  • Building a business in a creative industry can be a challenging task. Brock has been with us during every step of our growth providing critical feedback, challenging perspectives, and honest insight to get us from a struggling start up to an established business.
    Tommy Phelan (CEO & Founder) of The Crystal Creative
  • As a young founder of a Non Profit organization, Brock Shinen not only effectively setup my organization, but he also brought clarity, wisdom, and encouragement to my business venture. Brock has also mastered the blend between professionalism in the services he offers and lightheartedness in his friendship. I trust him fully with business, relational, and spiritual advice.
    Brian Peterson Founder of Faces of Santa Ana (

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  • Over the last 10 years, Brock has been an incredible resource and advocate as we’ve built up our music production and publishing companies. From the very start, he helped us lay out a great foundation as we formulated our business model for CatBeach Music, a boutique publishing company with record label services. Over the years, as the creative marketplace has become more competitive and complex, he’s helped us to think outside the box and develop new revenue streams, while also strategizing for the future. There have been many times over the years where we’ve needed information on a specific publishing model or a new marketing vertical, and Brock is always fully informed and can break things down and find application for our specific business. We’re incredibly thankful to have Brock on our team!
    Bobby and Jen Hartry, CatBeach Music